Project OPERA - ex. SASSI

After the fire on Megayacht Sassi in 2018, the Yacht was shipped to Lürssen Hamburg (Blohm and Voss)

the aluminium and some steal part structure were scrapped but the steal hull should be used again

for re-buiding of the new beauty.

Exterior and Interior design should be by Terence Disdale


Float out of Dock 17 on 16.04.2021 showed a sister ship of TOPAZ

146,32m length and 20m beam

They moved into the new constructed Dock 10. Both will be shipped to Bremen for equipment and finalisation.

01.05.2021 new covered Dock 10 arrived Bremen, started on 29.05. 17pm in Hamburg, with Yacht Project OPERA inside

Dock 10 built 1966, 287m long, 53,5m wide and 51,5m high, 50.000t load


15.07.2022 Dock 10 is open and a first view of the brand new

SuperYacht OPERA is possible. The yacht looks really tiny into this huge dock.


17.09.2022 OPERA is ready for launch, Dock 10 in Neustädter Hafen

19.09.2022 OPERA was docked out in Neustädter Hafen of Dock 10

and afterwards towed to Lürssen shipyard Bremen


04.03.2023 Departure of OPERA to next destination Portsmouth to get the german tax back.


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