Destriero is a 67-metre (220 ft) long, 13-metre (43 ft) wide, 400-ton displacement, yacht built by Fincantieri in their Muggiano yard at La Spezia in 1991. She is fitted with three GE Aviation LM1600gas turbines totalling 60,000-horsepower (45,000 kW),[1] providing her with a maximum speed of 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph; 59 kn).

In 1992 the Virgin Atlantic Challenge was again won, by the Aga Khan's Destriero crossing in 58 hours 34 minutes and averaging 53.09 knots. She also made a record-breaking return journey, winning the Columbus Atlantic Trophy, posted by the yacht club in response to the Virgin Atlantic Challenge for the fastest two-way voyage i.e. a single crossing and return voyage within a specified time.


Status 05.09.2023: DESTRIERO should be scrapped by Lürssen into the ship hall.

It seems we will never seen DESTRIERO back into water


The story about DESTRIERO and Lürssen shipyard is the biggest secret in town.

Nobody knows the reason for parking of the high speed boat of Aga Khan at Lürssen shipyard since 2009

Additionally why no service was done over the time, the boat crumbles more and more.

It was an ugly and dirty boat presentation infront of the shipyard if you arrive by the river Weser.

And now after 14 years something is happening.



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